Quick report on MTG Chandra Naalar

Work In Progress / 26 October 2019

First of all I updated the concept:

I'm about 3 days in the modeling stage of Chandra in Maya. I gave myself a green light for the blockout, main proportions and base topology (the goal is for TV animation, so topology is not supposed to change a lot from now on), After that, I went a bit into zbrush to find the hair base shape, retopo back in Maya and proceeded to create the final geo for the googles. Now I'm gona keep going creating final geo for the rest of her assets and refine some proportions/silhouette here and there.  

I came up with this backpack/device (hopefully it'll turn out to be cool) and it is always useful to have a belt-pouch. ;)


As usual, CC away! Feedback is always much appreciated!