Goblin in Dragon Costume

This is a two piece personal project. In this post is the low poly (around 30k tri) game version of this charming fellow running around in UE4!
The second part is the 3D printed version!
The goal here was to learn both UE4 oriented pipeline (materials, lighting, rigging, animation and cloth simulation in engine) and 3D print pipeline.

Special tks to my good friend Marcos G. Geymonat for all tips. https://www.artstation.com/mggeymonat

Credits to Andrew Hou and Paizo Inc for the original artwork and to Epic Games for Soul:Cave environment.

Rafael malavassi screenshot00016
Rafael malavassi goblin promo 06
Rafael malavassi goblin promo 09
Rafael malavassi goblin promo 08
Rafael malavassi goblin promo 02

Goblin in Dragon Costume UE4 playtest

Pathfinder Goblin

Rafael malavassi goblin in dragon costume by andrew hou

Concept by Andrew Hou