AGL renders almost done

Work In Progress / 26 September 2019

I didn't know Photoshop had this much power for video editing! Tks for pointing me back to it! "I pity the fool who's doing hardsurface props and haven't checked mr. Fuchs stuff!" - Mr. T 


AGL lookdev

Work In Progress / 19 September 2019

Hail all!

Went back to an old TTTC project, my AGL revolver from Trigun! I'm trying to get better on lookdev for cinematic here, so please CC if you happen to be reading this and see anything I can improve...    

These are in Arnold

  this is from iRay 


Goblin in Dragon Costume

General / 02 April 2018

Hello everyone!

I am glad to finaly post this project! This is a two piece personal project. In this post is the low poly (around 30k tri) game version of this charming fellow running around in UE4!


Soon I am hoping to present the 3D printed version!

The goal here was to learn both UE4 oriented pipeline (materials, lighting, rigging, animation and cloth simulation in engine) and the 3D print pipeline.

Please check the playtest video:

Also the sketchfab!

CC are welcome!

Credits to Andrew Hou and Paizo Inc for the original artwork and to Epic Games for Soul:Cave environment.