New peoject: MTG stylized character!

Work In Progress / 04 October 2019

Hail! Motivated by the coming MTG animated series, I tried to give a stylized TV animation look to the planewalker Chandra Nalaar. The idea is to have a base for the soon to come 3D model. I tried to match the Dragon Prince art style (Netflix show being produced by the same studio that got MTG) and made a few changes to her design based on what I think will match better the TV animation production constrains (like the hair not being on fire all the time and the chainmail switch to a scale mail). Please critique and comment if you stop by.


AGL renders almost done

Work In Progress / 26 September 2019

I didn't know Photoshop had this much power for video editing! Tks for pointing me back to it! "I pity the fool who's doing hardsurface props and haven't checked mr. Fuchs stuff!" - Mr. T 


AGL lookdev

Work In Progress / 19 September 2019

Hail all!

Went back to an old TTTC project, my AGL revolver from Trigun! I'm trying to get better on lookdev for cinematic here, so please CC if you happen to be reading this and see anything I can improve...    

These are in Arnold

  this is from iRay