Valeros - Pathfinder Iconic Fighter

Hey everyone! This is the standalone version of the fighter Valeros, done for my 2016 demo reel ( I included the low res textures marmoset viewer, a wire frame render in marmoset showing the topology of my pre-sculpt mesh, a gif of the expression blend and some clay renders done in Keyshot of my High Res (after sculpt) mesh. The rest of the detail were done texturing in Photoshop.
Hope you all like it!

Credits to Wayne Reynolds and Paizo Inc for the original artwork.

Valeros - marmoset viewer with low res textures

Rafael malavassi val 09
Rafael malavassi val 01
Rafael malavassi val 08
Rafael malavassi val 05
Rafael malavassi val 04
Rafael malavassi b1a367 3b0933b0aa9542788b342ad38271cce0 mv2 d 2985 4000 s 4 2

pre-sculpt wire frame front

Rafael malavassi b1a367 e25453a816cd4051a121791c147b5ccf mv2 d 3843 4000 s 4 2

pre-sculpt wire frame side/back

Rafael malavassi valeros blend shape

expression blend magic

Rafael malavassi prog 03 pose

expression from zbrush

Rafael malavassi b1a367 faab237db356426e8bff5600dc1aa34e mv2 d 8169 1820 s 2

keyshot clay tt

Rafael malavassi b1a367 149195a63f23419bafcf14637c3574b7 mv2

keyshot det 1

Rafael malavassi b1a367 43c1db7f07e845baa08349023f90380c mv2

keyshot det 2

Rafael malavassi b1a367 1a8654839f2e47cf89419928bf8edfca mv2

keyshot det 3

Rafael malavassi scene 03

Val in action 01

Rafael malavassi scene 10

Val in action 02

Rafael malavassi scene 01

Val in action 03