Red Dragon

Hey everyone! This is the standalone version of the Red Dragon, done for my 2016 demo reel ( I included clay renders from zbrush of its head (comp in Hossein Diba style) and a very simple breakdown with some quick general notes.
Hope you all like it and maybe find it useful!

Credits to Wayne Reynolds and Paizo Inc for the original artwork.

Rafael malavassi rd 05
Rafael malavassi rd 01
Rafael malavassi rd 02
Rafael malavassi rd 03
Rafael malavassi rd 04
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sculpt det 01

Rafael malavassi b1a367 470b338eb6544adfaa09f57d6560b7bc mv2 d 1504 1400 s 2

sculpt det 02

Rafael malavassi b1a367 f8f5d85071484aa09c626e3b9fee9b54 mv2 d 1512 1440 s 2

sculpt det 03

Rafael malavassi b1a367 ce95a4c0e6664c1da42b72b84389f0b5 mv2 d 2560 6228 s 4 2

breakdown part I

Rafael malavassi b1a367 bfed829dfe0d4cc182b11006bce8f827 mv2

my posing rig in "action"

Rafael malavassi b1a367 24b86916783645fe8ae3735d59d84e80 mv2 d 2560 7082 s 4 2

breakdown part II